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16 School Street, Sanford, ME, USA


ME MLS# 1569425

... to own a fully equipped 150-seat restaurant w/ 3 floors (6,900 sq ft. +-). The 1st floor is the main dining room w/ 16 tables and a fully equipped kitchen. Upstairs is the 22-seat horseshoe sports bar, w/ 19 tables and 6 TVs. The finished basement has two walk-in coolers, a walk-in freezer, a kitchen prep area, and plenty of storage. The owner remodeled the entire facility four years ago, giving it an updated look, expanded bar area, and greater functionality on the 2nd floor—a great business opportunity in Downtown Sanford, Maine. The City of Sanford was recently awarded a RAISE Grant of $25 million to revitalize the downtown and surrounding area and is currently in Phase 1 of the project, while the redevelopment of the Stenton Trust Mill Building for apartments is slated to begin in 2024. Several plans for apartment buildings in the immediate area of this building are expected to be privately developed. This is the perfect opportunity to bring your love of food, culinary skills, and the service industry to Downtown Sanford!

For more information on the Sanford Downtown Improvement RAISE Grant Project and the Stenton Trust Mill Building Redevelopment log onto click on Community Tab and then click on City-Wide Projects.

For more information contact Ann Lapierre or Steve Cabana at

In the subject line of your email please provide the ADDRESS or MLS#.  Thank you!


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